SaltWorks® EuroSpa™
Mediterranean Sea Salt 2267g


Harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, EuroSpa™ European Spa Salt is a naturally white, solar-evaporated sea salt. Each grains of salt are examined and all unwanted materials are removed by means of Optically Clean® Technology.  Salt is so pure that compliant to the Codex Standards for food grade salt.

EuroSpa™ European Spa Salt contains a lot of trace minerals. Excellent ingredients to use as bath salt and helps to promote circulation and detoxification.



  • Having a antiseptic properties that helps to soothe and soften irritated skin conditions
  • Improves circulations and facilitates detoxification
  • Optically Clean® Technology, compliant to Codex Standards for food grade salt
  • All natural
  • Prepared in allergen-free facility
  • Not genetically modified, does not contain genetically modified organisms or their derivatives
  • Vegan product



  • Certifications:
    1. Kosher Certification
    2. Optically Clean® Certification Seal
    3. Certified Authentic
    4. Organic Compiliant
    5. SQF level 2 certified (conforms to HACCP and GMP standards)
  • Free of: anti-caking agent, gluten and other chemicals
  • Product of America




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      Ingredients: 100% Mediterranean Sea salt

      Directions: Dissolve 1 cup (60g) of salt in bath water and soak for 20 minutes. For tired muscle relaxation.

      Skin condition




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