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EcoCitrocin™ spray is an insect repellent based on the World Health Organisation approved ingredient Picaridin and natural essential oils. Reduces the airborne allergen load, in particular pollen and pet, by at least 65% and up to 85% when used with PetalCleanse™ Dog and PetalCleanse® Cat. During the winter months, a weekly spray is adequate to reduce pet allergens to a tolerable level but the spray should be used once a day during the pollen season.
HomeCleanse™ spray for mattresses and soft furnishings gets rid of dustmites and bed bugs, an all too common feature of hotels and holiday lets. For dustmite  allergy suffers. a once -per-month treatment is sufficient to ease the problem. For those with pets, a once per week treatment is recommended, along with PetalCleanse™ Dog and PetalCleanse® Cat
AirCleanse™ gets rid of pollen, dustmite and mould from the air so that you will not suffer from sneezing, wheezing, asthma, eczema or hives when you are away from home.



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EcoCitrocin™: In areas of high insect activity apply spray to all exposed skin on body.
HomeCleanse™: Apply spray to mattresses and soft furnishings.
AirCleanse™: Apply spray to air.


  • Do not spray directly onto the face. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid ingestion, prolonged/repeated exposure to the skin and keep out of eyes.If accidentally contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water immediately and seek medical advice if need.
  • Before using any product, please test with small amount on(this product does not contain common allergens, but you may cause skin irritation by ingredients that is not an allergen). Consult dermatologist if have any question.
  • HomeCleanse™ and EcoCitrocin™: Store between -5°C and 45°C , out of direction sunlight. Keep away from sources of ignition and store in well ventilated areas. Do not store close to strong oxidising agents.
  • AirCleanse™: Store between -5°C and 50°C , out of direction sunlight. Avoid exposure to frost. Do not freeze. Keep away from sources of ignition and store in well ventilated areas. Do not store close to strong oxidising agents.

For more information please refer to product packaging/product instruction sheet.






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