GRANBERG <br>Children Bamboo Eczema Gloves (Ages 1-10)
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Children Bamboo Eczema Gloves (Ages 1-10)

0 out of 5

They are suitable for children whose skin is flaring-up, dry or have scratching problems during sleep. Breathable bamboo gloves are great for wet and dry wrapping, helps protect the skin from irritants and prevent scratching. Wear gloves over emollient cream can keep the hands moisturized.
Adult sizes are also available.


Benefits :

  • Prevent users from scratching directly on eczema / wounds
  • Keeping the cream that is used in the treated area to last longer
  • Prevent allergens from direct contacting your hand’s skin
  • Made from health-friendly and biodegradable bamboo, material that are not allergic to most people
  • Perfect stretch fit, breathable, very comfortable to wear



Features :

  • Recommended by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF)
  • Non-allergic
  • Product of Norway


Free of


SEBRA </br> Foamy Shampoo, hair wash (allergy certified)
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Foamy Shampoo, hair wash (allergy certified)

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Sebra Foamy Shampoo from Sebra Interior is a certified organic, easy to apply self-foaming hair wash for babies and their families. It is created with 98% natural origin ingredients like aloe vera.  It is allergy certified and is a safe choice for delicate and sensitive skin.

Let’s creat a wonderful moment with your little one with this gentle and foamy  Hair wash fun time.



  • 98 % natural origin ingredients, safe to use on your little one
  • No perfume and colourants are added making it allergy-friendly
  • Foamy texture and easier bath time for your little one
  • Certified organic
  • Certified vegan
  • Suitable for Sensitive skin type, Babies and Adult



  • Certifications
    1. Asthma Allergy Nordic label
    2. Ecocert Cosmos Organic label
    3. Nordic Swan Ecolabel
    4. The Vegan Society label
  • Free of dye, fragrance, gluten, paraben, SLES and SLS
  • Product of Denmark



      Free of



      PURE COTTON <br> Organic Cotton Baby blanket/ comfort blanket
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      Organic Cotton Baby blanket/ comfort blanket

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      Absolute comfort for you little one

      Pure Cotton Organic Cotton Baby blanket/ comfort blanket can be used as a thin night quilt, as well as wrapping your child as a soft and comfortable swaddle. It can also been used as the most comfortable and safe comforter. Pure cotton materials and soft texture help improve you child’s sleeping quality and to ensure he/she sleep tight as night without skin irritation.

      Features :

      • Size 80 x 100cm
      • Double thickness generous size blanket of softest cotton to comfort and snuggle babies and children of all ages
      • Soft cotton bound edges
      • Useful to protect areas of eczema from allergen on upholstered sofas and chairs
      • Large enough to be a great play mat
      • Reversible
      • Made in Egypt for Cotton Comfort

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