100% Oganic Cotton Anti-scratch Mitten Pyjamas


One of the best selling registered designs which has helped kids sleep better for decades.

Comfy ‘hand shaped’ double layer mittens and enclosed feet to protect from allergens and nighttime scratching. 

Light enough not to get too hot but strong enough to protect grumpy skin.

There are no wrist restraints on this product which would enable a determined child to hold the end of the mitten and pull the hands inside to scratch. Perfect for babies and slightly older children who have the ability to scratch without causing pain and damage.

If a child may be able to learn to escape from our Mitten Pajamas, a useful tip is to use an old vest ( cut down to just the top half) and put it over the top of the suit – this restricts the ability to pull the arm through the armhole to avoid their escape. Alternatively, you could try cutting a cuff off an old (woven cotton) shirt – school shirt and move the button so it fits snugly, but not tight over the wrist. This can then be folded over so the button cannot be used to scratch with. What needs to be avoided at all costs is to use retraints, which would cause further psychological stress and discomfort in their sleep.

No Scratch Mittens for Eczema; 100% Organic Cotton all in one PJ with back opening.  Comfy ‘ hand-shaped’ double layer mittens and enclosed feet to protect from allergens and nighttime scratching. It’s light enough not to get too hot but strong enough to protect grumpy skin.

Super soft durable 100% Organic Cotton which is light enough not to get too hot but strong enough to protect from scratching.

Perfect for babies and slightly older children. 

      Benefits :

      • No labels inside
      • Flat seams inside and out for extra comfort
      • No tight wrist ties and no uncomfortable tight seams around the armholes
      • Protects against secondary infections and prevents scarring
      • Back buttoned opening with comfy elasticated back waist
      • Soft natural colour with rainbow stitching
      • 100% Organic cotton; Extra heat produces extra itching. Our eczema nightwear is of a mid-weight cotton – any lighter and you would be able to cause damage from scratching and any heavier would be too warm (fabric weight 180gsm)
      • Machine washable at 60c and cool tumble dry
      • Free of formaldehyde – highly toxic product that has been classified as a human carcinogenic by The International Agency for research on Cancer (IARC)


      Features :

      • Commented by National Eczema Association as an “Invaluable range of eczema clothing from Cotton Comfort”
      •  Certifications:
        • Global Organic Textile Standard Certification
      • Free of: Formaldehyde and latex






        Size Guide


        Ingredients:100% pure cotton


        Notes :

        • We only use the finest long fibre cotton and allow for up to 5% shrinkage when hot washed. Tumble dry cool only, a hot dryer will reduce the size of the garment.
        • Products are made of long lasting high quality organic cotton and many of our customers have passed clothes on between children and even between generations. However, the additional wear and tear and frequent laundering necessary for a child or adult with eczema or other skin conditions can reduce the life of a garment, dependant on the severity and medication used, by between 20% and 50%. We base this assumption on a rotation of at least 3 (preferably 4/5) night time outfits.
        • All Cotton Comfort garments are designed to last until a the child is ready for the next size up – after 10cms growth, usually after approx. 12 months or so.




        100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 70, 80, 90


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