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Anti-allergen and dust-mite-proof Quilt Cover (Physical and Medical Grade)


Sleep tight with Anti-allergen and dust-mite-proof quilt cover (Physical and Medical Grade)

This product is awarded by the above certification,

  • (1) American FDA approved Class 1 medical device
    (2) American IBT anti-mite certification:
    (3) American PMI agency pore test
    (4) EU CE certified Class 1 medical device
    (5) SGS certification


    • Completely full-covered design
    • Adopt well-known YKK zippers.
    • Although the small YKK zippers can only withstand a small pulling force,
      it has the smallest aperture, which make anti-mite effect is more effective.
    • Using extra-large and wide cloth, , cloth can be integrated into one piece to complete the production of mattress covers or quilt covers
    • The one-piece molding method allows the product to be sewn with a small amount of sutures, minimizing the chance of allergens overflowing
    • The anti-mite protective sheet is adopted, and the 8-10 cm anti-mite protective sheet at the bottom of the zipper blocks allergens, so that allergens will not leak from the zipper
    • Made of 100% organic cotton, the raw materials are not dyed or bleached
    • Oeko-Tex100 STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®



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    Ingredients: 100% pure cotton
    Put an Anti-allergen and dust-mite-proof quilt cover, zip up the zipper, cover it with general bedsheet at last.
    The Anti-allergen and dust-mite-proof quilt cover is recommended to be cleaned every 4-6 months to reduce the allergens accumulation,
    Machine wash in warm water of 55-60 degrees can neutralize allergens related to dust mites (subject to general dehydration procedures). 
    Avoid bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning procedures to keep the efficacy of the product.

    153厘米 x 183厘米, 153厘米 x 213厘米


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